Lagoon Brewery × ナガハマ88

開催日: 2024年6月15日 6:00 PM - 8:00 PMカテゴリー:

Lagoon Breweryの蔵元をお招きして、贅沢なクラフトサケイベントを開催します!
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この日買えない方、後日ひとますで受け取れるようにもできますのでご相談ください^ ^

– 開催日時:2024年6月15日(土)18:00~20:00
– 場所:日なかごはん ひとます(〒905-0009  沖縄県名護市宇茂佐の森4−3−7)


【Lagoon Breweryについて】
Lagoon Breweryは新潟県の醸造所です。

We’ll be hosting an exclusive craft sake event at “Hinakagohan Hitomasu,” a renowned restaurant in Nago, featuring the brewers from Lagoon Brewery!
Indulge in special collaboration dishes from Hitomasu, perfectly paired with Lagoon Brewery’s exquisite sake, while enjoying an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from the brewers about their craft sake.

  • Date and Time: Saturday, June 15, 2024, 18:00 – 20:00
  • Location: Hinakagohan Hitomasu (4-3-7 Umusa no Mori, Nago, Okinawa 905-0009)

About Craft Sake:
Craft sake refers to a variety of unique, small-batch sake-based beverages. Due to regulations, new sake brewing licenses cannot be obtained, leading to the creation of craft sake. These beverages, intentionally crafted to fall outside the traditional “sake” category under Japanese liquor laws, include unfiltered sake like doburoku and delightful brews fermented with additional ingredients such as fruits and herbs.

About Lagoon Brewery:
Lagoon Brewery, located in Niigata Prefecture, aims to be a sake brewery akin to a neighborhood bakery, offering a diverse range of delicious flavors. Embracing various styles without limiting themselves to specific rice types, polishing ratios, yeasts, or fermentation starters from the beginning, they embody the motto “A variety of delightful tastes that can impress.”
The brewery prioritizes sustainability, using rice grown within a 20-kilometer radius of the brewery, with 80% sourced from farmers practicing environmental conservation methods like organic and natural farming.